Dayton Kingery

Surfing and Kiteboarding have helped Dayton Kingery more than just getting into good physical shape. It has been known for centuries that physical exercise tones the mind as well as the body and Dayton Kingery is grateful for finding two sports that he truly enjoys.

This love of being active and busy is what inspired Dayton Kingery to created BusyBodies365.

Both of these sports happen in the great outdoors. Being outdoors is healing on so many levels. As Hippocrates said: “Walking is man’s best medicine.” How much more so with those exercises that truly exert the individual? And that is what Greenwich’s Dayton Kingery found with surfing and kiteboarding. With kiteboarding you need to develop the discipline to work on harnessing all levels of wind in order to propel yourself forward. Life, too, requires discipline for an equally controlled act of moving forward…steadily but firmly.

Even though surfing seems like a solitary sport, there are actually many social skills one needs to become a great surfer. I learned this during my training and I am still learning this. The discipline needed is all-encompassing, and involves things like: good nutritious diet, enough sleep, and respect the ocean and all of nature.

Again, the discipline required in the sports is true of life!