About Dayton Kingery

Dayton Kingery has also contributed time and effort to nonprofits in Connecticut and abroad. He is also the founder of BusyBodies365.com. In 2014, Dayton Kingery traveled to Tanzania with a high school group and took part in the work of MainSprings, a nonprofit that aims to break the cycle of extreme rural poverty.

Mr. Kingery taught children in the MainSprings Reading Buddies program and worked on the campus farm. Returning to volunteer with the program in 2016, he was an integral asset in raising more than $11,000 toward the creation of solar power for the MainSprings campus.

Locally active with a shelter for people who are homeless in Stamford, Connecticut, Dayton Kingery has volunteered at the Inspirica Youth Shelter. Through a combination of teaching and coaching, he has provided practical support to the children at the shelter.

A longtime flying enthusiast working toward a pilot’s license, Mr. Kingery also enjoys outdoor activities such as kiteboarding and skiing.